As True Today as the Day I First Wrote it on the Bathroom Wall!

carol danvers 2

So I wrote this a very long time ago for tumblr and as we are heading into that most magical time of the year, the summer movie season, I feel it is still relevant. There has been a lot of dog piling on DC for their inability to put together any sort of anything for freaking Wonder Woman. TV show, movie, anything. It is utter bullshit that these people can not figure out to do with one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time. It is a given fact that they are being morons. That said they are NOT alone. This summer there is going to be a movie out about a foul mouthed, car jacking, heavily armed outlaw raccoon who fly’s spaceships and his back up the ent who can only say “I am groot” along with some more humanoid eye candy off having adventures in the far reaches of space. If they can get the jaded movie goes of the world excited about that don’t you think it’s time we got a freaking Captain Marvel movie? So with that in mind here is what I wrote 2 years ago, with a few edits.

I have been sitting on this for a while, but I gotta say it.

Dudes it’s been 6 years. Why the fuck are you not making a freaking Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers movie or at the very least in the 2nd Avengers movie ? No, seriously. Why? She has this incredible back story, alien superpowers, snark, and so many issues. So. Very. Many. Issues.

I mean if you took all the man pain and awesome from Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor and rolled it up into a snarky blond in an awesome costume, WHO CAN FLY, you would have Ms Marvel. She has even been called “The House of Ideas premier heroine.”

She’s a patriot (Steve), a solider who fought for her country and no longer has a war (Steve as well). She is an on occasion not so recovering alcoholic (Tony), she can be a arrogant pain in the ass (Hello Tony again, with a side of Nordic god). She has freaking alien/cosmic powers (Thor) and she even has daddy issues to thrown on top of everything else. And seriously? Who on the current roister does NOT have daddy issues? (Bruce, Thor and Tony, so very much Tony, I am looking at your remarkably toned asses right now. Though I’m sure Steve and Clint have their fair share as well.)

Why throw away a golden opportunity to mix shit up and finally have a Superhero movie featuring a female character? I mean, Marvel is pulling out all of the stops for their movie verse and with that kind of backing we could have one hell of a Ms Marvel movie. With, like, a budget and a decent script and like a director who is not total crap and massively incompetent! Because? Those would be the reasons all previous movies featuring a female character have tanked (Electra and *shudders* Catwoman). They failed at the box office NOT because it was a girl in the lead, but because they WERE CRAP MOVIES! Put some actual effort in and trust me, people will show up. I mean there was concern that Thor would tank cause he’s not a “name” hero and look. It did incredibly well, BECAUSE IT WAS A GOOD SCRIPT WITH AN AMAZING DIRECTOR AND PEOPLE WHO CAN ACT. This is all you need.

And seriously, the time to strike is now. We are living in a post Buffy world here, we are ready to watch a woman kick ass. Hell, we are craving ass kicking ladies right now. So come on Marvel! GIVE THEM TO US!!!

DC is wandering around in circles with a bucket on it’s head in regards to a Wonder Woman movie and the totally botched (and thankfully never to haunt my TV) show and um… That would be about it. So DO IT!!! SEIZE THE DAY!!!

Um… So I did not intend to get up on this here soap box, but here I am nonetheless. So while I’m here, Uh, I guess… Stay is school? Don’t smoke? Wear Sunscreen? I guess I’m done.

Hey Marvel Studios, I’m still waiting.